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There are two floods sweeping over America. One is dark and is sweeping away the Christianfoundation upon which America was founded. The other is born of the Spirit, holy, and filled with hope and power. Which tidal wave are you and your family destined to catch?


Like a Flood. We all see it comingthe large, dark wall of secular culture that is crashing over the shores of our homes and nation. It is turning safety and truth upside down and drowning ouridentity as Christians and making us outcasts in a land that once was known as a nation of freedom, with In God We Trust as its motto. As the identity and godly values that once were the foundation of our great nation are being drowned in the undertow of secular sin, confusion, spiritual darkness and fear, we look to the heavens and ask, What are we to do now, God?


At the same time, another force is forming over the surface of the deep. It is dwarfing the tidal wave of darkness. It is


Like a Flood.


But this flood is released from the very gates of heaven. Like a flood, the Lord shall raise up a standard. This is a flood of hope, boldness, truth, and spiritual power rushing forth over the earth pushing back the darkwave of sin, despair and hopelessness. Like a flood, He sweeps into our homes, our churches, and over our nation with the power and boldness we need to stand on the Word that is impossible to be voted out or silenced.


In this book, Like A Flood, Lisa Cherry explains the darkness we are facing as Christians and as a nation. She also examines the Scriptures and shows us that this is the day we have been preparing for. It is not time for us to run and hide. We have been created for such a time as this. In these pages are the practical keys that we must know now to live fearless, bold and loving lives, in honor of our King. You and I are the standard theLord will use for the sake of His heavenly kingdom.


Some in this day will hear His voice and be ready for whatever the next season brings. Others will be swept away unnecessarily in the waves of doubt, confusion, compromise and discouragement.


Which tidal wave will you and your family catch?